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Jónasdóttír, Anna, Professor

Anna G. Jónasdóttir is Professor of Gender Studies at Centre for Feminist Social Studies, Örebro University. She is co-director of GEXcel and team leader of GEXcel Themes 1 and 10.

Her background is in political science, sociology, economic history and psychology with social and political theory as the main field of interest. Her doctoral dissertation developed a novel approach to feminist theory of patriarchy in which she sketches three distinct but related theories: an alternative way of using historical materialism for feminist aims; a historically specific explanatory theory of contemporary patriarchy in Western societies; and a theory of gendered interests which establishes a theoretical space that allows for both common concerns and different needs andpreferences. Patriarchy is theorized in terms of how love as sociosexual practices is politically organized and love power exploited. Later she has elaborated further some of the main arguments of her thesis and she has published books and articles on ongoing international feminist theory debates, on governance and gender equality politics in Sweden and on feminist theory and research in the Nordic countries.