GEXcel news

Affiliated Swedish and International Network on Sex Education and Critical Sexuality Studies

Network "Teaching Sex. Network for critical sexuality reserch with special reference to sex education, knowledge production and knowledge dissemination", funded by the Swedish Research Council for Working Life (FAS) (2009-2011), affiliated with GEXcel Theme 4-5.

Prof. Nina Lykke (Network Director)

Swedish "Teaching Sex"-members:

Dr. Anna Adeniji, Linköping University
PhD student Alp Biricik, Linköping University
Dr. Eva Bolander, Linköping University
Dr. Anna Bredström, Linköping University
Dr. Janne Bromseth, Stockholm University
Dr. Ulrika Dahl, Södertörn University College
PhD student Eva Elmerstig, Linköping University
MD Maria Engman, Linköping University
Dr. Stina Ericsson, Växjö University
Dr. Fataneh Farahani, Stockholm University
Dr. Malena Gustavson. Lund University
Dr. Hanna Hallgren, Linköping University
PhD student Katherine Harrison, Linköping University
Prof. Jeff Hearn, Linköping University
Dr. Victoria Kalonaityte, Lund University
Dr. Pia Laskar, Stockholm University
Dr. Lena Lennerhed, Södertörn University College
Dr. Anne-Li Lindgren, Linköping University
Dr. Anna Lundberg, Linköping University
Dr. Björn Pernrud, Linköping University
Dr. Eva Reimers, Linköping University
Prof. Tiina Rosenberg, Lund University
Dr. Jens Rydström, Lund University
Dr. Helle Rydstrøm, Lund University
Prof. Bengt Sandin, Linköping University
Dr. Kerstin Sandell, Lund University
Dr. Irina Schmitt, Lund University
Dr. Katarina Swahnberg, Linköping University
Prof. Barbro Wijma, Linköping University

International "Teaching Sex"-members:

Prof. Gloria Wekker, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Prof. Antje Hoornscheidt, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Bente Rosenbeck, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Dr. Christa Binswanger, University of Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Kirsi Saarikangas, University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Anna Temkina, European University of St. Petersburg
Prof. Andrea Mayhofer, University of Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Ann Pellegrini, New York University, USA
Prof. Janice Irvine, University of Amherst, Massachussets, USA
Dr. Pinar Ilkkaracan, Bosporus University, Turkey
Prof. Lisa Downing, University of Exeter, UK
Dr. Paula Mayock, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland